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  Custom Made BEDS For BOATS

by Oakdale

Our Range of Beds for boats

We are happy to introduce our special range of Oakdale Beds and Mattresses for Boats.

Total Luxury From Oakdale

At Oakdale we can provide you with an individually designed adjustable bed and British made Visco Elastic Memory Foam mattress; the length, width, height, fabric, colour and mattress density can all be manufactured to your personal specification.

Adjustable Beds for Boats from Oakdale

An Oakdale adjustable bed can be adjusted to improve your comfort when sleeping or relaxing in bed thus enabling you to put your body in a position that is simply the most comfortable. Being more comfortable is one of the best ways for you to enjoy blissful sleep and to wake up feeling totally re-energised. Oakdale Visco Elastic Memory Foam mattresses are designed to fit any shape or size and crafted for marine use.




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